A Family Secret

Presented by

Jimmie P. Romo

Living with Child Abuse is a presentation for anyone who went through child abuse. It will help you understand what happened and how you can get on with your life. Mr. Romo has spoken in schools, churches and fund raising events for11 years and always touches the heart. Some cry, some get angry, some feel sad, but you will be moved.

 What others say:

A speech that changed and recharged my thinking”.

His speech was very moving and inspiring

I now give more thought to the way I treat my own kids

 I went home and hugged my kids

 Jimmie Romo  speaks to kids that have been taken out of the home giving them self-direction and motivation.

Mr. Romo’s speech “living with abuse” is so effective because he deals with the REAL WORLD that abused kids face on a day-to-day basis. His speeches are based on his life as a child growing up on a farm in rural Georgia from being locked in a room to being beaten. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about child abuse from a speaker like Mr. Jimmie Romo